Queen Ice shares her thoughts on her “best southern African female” win with Conundrum

We caught up with the queen of Zambia rap herself Cleo, her icyness and heard what her thoughts are on her recent win at the Africa Magazine awards.

What does winning the best Southern African female mean for you ?
It obviously means a lot to me. It’s an absolute honour, I’m so motivated to just be and do better.

Who would you give a shoutout to for this award, your team perhaps?
of course my team Kamikazi, my support system at home, mom, sisters, brothers, my partner, my social media following, Dillish Mathews, rock fm crew and mainly…. my fans and supportersimage


What has winning this award taught you in the music industry?
Hard / smart work and patience pays

Where and what were you doing when you received news of your win?
I was driving back to Lusaka from the Oktoberfest in Chisamba.

Who was the first human being that you called to inform of your win?
I called my partner

What did you do to celebrate your win?
I’m celebrating everyday till my next award. Lol image

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Oven Fresh: 16 Bars of Ice Queen Supremacy

The Juice….
If you are an aspiring rapper, and by that I mean you have a mix tape that only your buddies have, then you’re on the right track, and could take a few notes from the Queen of rap.

Served on a Shom-C masterpiece, with the young, promising producer delivering yet another head boping instrument.

In a nutshell…
The marriage between Kamikazi entertainment Ice queen’s vocals and Zero DB’s chief executive Chris Musosha is a union worth listening to.

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HipHopZead: Job and Krytic Just Died for This.

Article by Soul Child.

First impressions…
Well, who would have thought.. Honestly I never anticipated such a duet, infact I didn’t think the combination would work really, but I thought wrong. The song is a milestone by far. Krytic is currently one of the most prominent and influential HipHop Mc’s in Zambia and his artistry is by far incomparable to most hiphop artists within the states boundaries. ‘Tic’ as he refers to himself has been a revolutionary in the zambian hiphop industry steering up some controversy ever since he released ‘let daddy zemus down’ in 2010, a song that talked about how HipHop’s true nature has vanquished due several, rather parasitic reasons artists inflict on the art.

The juice…
Krytic has been amoung the few new-school hiphop pioneers in zambia.

JOB on the other hand being is a prominent and consistent kalifunku, Dunka , Dance hall and vernac-HipHop musician, I found it very unlikely that Krytic would share the same floor with him (don’t get me wrong, JOB is a very good artist and I listen to his music). As it turned out the song is a hit , the beat itself is attention grabbing. Its one of those classic hiphop beats, feel-good and laid back. The sort of sound that’s you want to listen to the words laid on it. The duets lyricism is outstanding and together they simply nailed it!!

The track is an achievement by artists from two separate worlds. On a scale of one to Ten , I would give it a 7. The delivery was on point and its something that a HipHop-head like me will ‘bop’ his head to.

In a nutshell…
In this song we get to hear JOB deliver some controversial hardcore lines and metaphors.. In a retro respect fashion krytic also gets to do what he does best on this track, bring down the house with immeasurable lines, metaphors , punchlines and quotes.

Download Die For this here.
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Thee Review: FaRaiDay by Swish

Article by Lord Czar
: Swish ft, Krytic and Willz
Genre: Hip-hop|Vip-Hop|Alternative Hip-hop
Released: 1 March 2015

You know those catchy songs that you can only get out of your head with another catchy song?…well this one is one of them.

Combining almost authentic vernacular verses versed by a rookie rising fast through the ranks of Vip-hop(vernacular hip hop) Willz aka. “Mr. Nyopole” and rap bars after bars of rhyme schemes by the “tic”, Krytic, is a well blended fruit punch of dialect variety .

I will be honest, prior to the remix, I did not know of Avondale’s finest, Swish that is.

Of course the other two need no introduction tic having been about for a little over 60 months.

Willz having been around for just over 24 months.

But like wise, Swish and Willz have one thing in common; good initial reception and an arena to live up to the hype around there music as it is too soon to tell if we have just been blowing our horns.

Drums and base, a stapple for a palatable hip hop anthem is paramount and 4th Profile, the production house responsible for this ” I have to confirm radio play” banger, ok so its not a club banger but banger nontheless did a commendable feat.

I couldn’t get over the humor that Willz’s (yeah, I tried pronouncing that too) verse which in part writes as “Too many chics, I should open up a poultry”. contains.

Swish offers to the rap scene an unheard style of rap that is not heavily influenced, if at all reminiscent of the western sound.

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Trending: 20 #ThingsMoreFamousThanResa Pt.1

When Resa got the boot out of what for the past decade has easily become Africa’s biggest reality show,she had a few things to say about being the first of the 26 housemates to be ouced.

One of them being her allerged not knowing who fellow country man and remaining Zambia representative and hotshot, Macky 2 is.

Whether this is true or not we may never know, one thing though we do know is that that statement did not sit well with a some natural comics well meaning individuals.

So much so that the hashtag #ThingsMoreFamousThanResa was born and is trended in these parts south of the equator.

So without further-a-do, here’s my compilation of the most blunt, lung aching, tweets with the hashtag #ThingsMoreFamousThanResa.

1.”Bobby’s D*** game” by @

2. “Stopila Sunzu’s Acne”- by @Afroso******

3. “Mampi’s hairline
” by @Purple_b******

4. “Thee People Catching Feelings cause of this
Hashtag” by @thequel_*****

5. “its a trend those saying she more famous than people twitting about it can swallow a brick” by @dj_s****

6. ” the entire Africa knows Resa…. No one knows most of you tweeting those nasty things…” By @_mw****

7. “our hashtag…You are welcome Resa. We are lifting your social status. *giggles*” by @malama_*******

8. “Mayuka’s scarcity of goals.” By @gary******

9. “The Gabon Disaster Heroes Stadium…..” By @thequel_******

10. “Sunzu’s complexion these days” by @garya******

11. “sir alex’s bubble gum.” By @malama_*******

12. “booms jingle»boom! And the dirt is gone” by @mwak*******

13. “Slap D & Macky 2’s Amazon Lollipops Commercial.” By @iamla****

14. “Kmillian’s special love for matebeto” by @pearl*****

15. “Twitter rappers who start their mix tape with “You know who this Is” by @marg****

16.”I guess Resa will be famous now.. And she has her not knowing Macky 2 to thank pffft ba some of
us” by @mwak*****

17. “Googles Resa *shrugs goes back to jerking
off” by @toxic2c****

18. “that woman who preaches at hybrid” by @pearl******

19. “chris Katongo’s ghost girlfriend” by @psych****

20. “thugga’s new hairstyle” by @pearl*****

About the author
Lord Czar writes about stuff, loves his dogs and his moccasins. Music is a language he speaks best.

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CMZonFiction: My Name Is Misozi

CMZonFiction: My Name Is Misozi (Chapter 1 of 3)

For a young girl that barely talked or spent all her time in her room or even had lengthy gossip sessions, one would think that Misozi was like any ordinary pre-teen that was a smile to shy away from her “mister right”, but that’s where one would have it wrong as it would seem.

She was only in her early teens when her menstrals first took off. But unlike most other adolecents eagarly awiting confirmation of their womanhood, she had too much on her mind and was too young at that time to give a bother about her bearing capabilities .

Misozi had just scored the highest mark in the entire region of Lusaka in her ninth grade- a feat rarely achieved by her peers, most of whom where considerably older than she was, now that drew alot of envy towards her which for a teen she handled very well.

She held in her dresser drawer an arsenal of trophies and medels that she earned from all her previous undertakings, swimming, chess academia, she was an all rounder and the boys new this just as much as she did.

Of course her parents were more than joyous for their daughter’s success, and at 13 Misozi had achieved more sucess than most youths her age did, not until they clocked 30, well….atleast her mother was, her father was not there for the majority of her most recent life.
Perhaps all the more the reason for her reclined demenor…..

The Cradle.
Despite her inability to engage in a conversation that lasted any considerable amount of time, She was a kindered soul who had a lot of love to give, but her social handicape made it very uneasy to do.

There was a boy that she had an unusual soft spot for….In her temprol episodes of day dreaming she imagined her and Laurent together….that was his name and beknown to him was that he had also a thing for the “metriach”, as she was known by most… for her sense of immunity against the guy’s advances, also because she brought a sort of normality where ever she was because she never did anything over the top.

During Prome she wore the most basic of gowns, her hair was ever done…it was neither dyed nor covered with a weave. When she treated her nails it was with a transparent glossy polish. She had a dark earthy brown skin tone that, even though it was darker than most girls, she never toned up with bleach creams.

Suprisingly, she never let her achievments get the best of her, her mother Inutu taught her to well.

Inutu though a financially struggling mother of three was a naturing and selfless mother to Misozi and her two younger brothers Lubuto aged six and Danniel aged nine and she went out of her way to provide for her children as much as her pennies would allow. Because of this Misozi learnt inadvently to appreciate the little things in life.

In her perilous uphill experience to bring her sons and daughter up Inutu with the help of Fossi as she was refered to by her Co-workers of the streets that she roamed joined the oldest trade and found that this offered more returns than her house maid job and road sweeping jobs combined….